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A deposit must be made in order to secure a vehicle for your specified date. The balance can be paid in full up to the day of your trip, however please note that if the balance is being paid on the actual trip date, monies must be given to the driver in the form of cash, money order, or certified check.

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Note: Payments can also be made via check. If you prefer to make your payment via check please make your sales rep aware of this.


authorize BusRentalNJ to charge my credit card according to the Payment Schedule above and any additional overtime charges beyond the original services requested. I agree to all of the provisions of this agreement including pages 1 thru 5, including the cancellation policy, and the fuel surcharge policy.

If you choose to type in your signature this will be used as a digital signature and you will be authorizing BusRentalNJ to charge your credit card for the fees listed above along with any overtime fees or damage fees.

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